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NHS Cornwall’s plans to ‘privatise’ are shelved after public outcry

Public pressure appears to have played a part in NHS Cornwall’s decision not to privatise a part of it’s service, reports Cornwall Live

The county was planning to launch the “Accountable Care System” for health services. It was claimed that this would push the NHS towards privatisation.

Protests took place outside the County Hall during inquiry sessions over the plans, and eventually it has been shelved.

Critics had said that the ACS would create an “Americanised” health system.

The Council has now concluded, after the inquiry, that the authority has decided not to support the ACS plans.

Cornwall Council Cabinet member for adults Rob Rotchell said: “Whilst we don’t support the establishment of an ACS in Cornwall, we do support the integration of health and care services.

“We want to develop integrated commissioning of health and care – joining up the way we work and ensuring we spend the resources of council and the NHS wisely.

“Our priority is to put residents first and organisations second, as well as bring together health and care practitioners to supply care in a person-centred

However, Cllr Andy Virr, Conservative health spokesperson and chairman of the ACS Inquiry Panel, addressing Rob Rotchell’s comments, said: “Please can I express my dismay that you have taken the poor decision to ignore the recommendation of the Health and Social Care Scrutiny’s Inquiry Panel and have elected NOT to integrate strategic health and social care commissioning in Cornwall.

Your letter to health leaders gives the very clear impression that you have kowtowed to political pressure from far-left wing protesters, whose protestations were demonstrated to be unfounded during the 4 day inquiry.There was no evidence that the proposal would in any way lead to an increase in privatisation of healthcare in Cornwall.”


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