NHS boss resigns in protest over Government underfunding of health services

Bob Kerslake has quit his senior role in the NHS because he believes the Government is failing to understand the scale of the funding shortfall, which is plunging the health service into disarray.

He has resigned as the chair of the board at King’s College hospital in London.

He told the Guardian : “My two and half years at King’s have been in equal parts inspiring and frustrating.

“There are undoubtedly things that I and the trust could have done better – there always are – but fundamentally our problems lie in the way that the NHS is funded and organised. We desperately need a fundamental rethink.”

Kerslake’s is the latest high-profile criticism of the way the NHS is being funded.

He said in the paper: “I have this weekend decided to stand down from my role as chair of King’s College hospital, London.

This was not a decision that I took lightly. I love King’s and have the highest regard for the people who work there. But in the end I have concluded that the government and its regulator, NHS Improvement, are simply not facing up to the enormous challenges that the NHS is currently facing.

This is especially true in London where the demands of a rapidly growing population are not being matched by the extra resources we need.”

Sir Simon Stevens, head of NHS England, has also recently asked for an additional £4bn cash injection, to try and keep the NHS in working order.


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    These tory bastards have no concern for anyone but the rich and powerful as for the disabled and infirm you are but a statistic to those horrible cunts that send their money offshore whilst families rely on foodbanks to feed their children its time to jail these bastards

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