Newcomer Crowned Website of the Year 2015

By Steve Taggart

A relatively unheard of website called, a new business price comparison website that appears to have come from nowhere to be crowned the Best Comparison Website of 2015, beating out the much more famous, much more established players in the UK comparison world, including Compare the Market.

In a rather unexpected turn of events, CompareYourBusinessCosts was given the ‘Best Website’ title by the MetrixLab-backed Website of the Year awards; an accolade that is presented to businesses who demonstrate noticeable superiority in terms of their web design, navigation, and content. Winners of the Best Website 2015 award in other categories include BMW, Paypal, Apple, Admiral, and the BBC – all undoubtedly some of the biggest names in their respective fields – so how have the underdogs managed to make it to the top in the comparison category, beating the likes of Moneysupermarket and uSwitch?

A little background check on the business fails to answer the question. This isn’t some spin-off of an existing, established company. Nor is it operated by any of the big names in British business. CompareYourBusinessCosts was launched earlier this year by a team of four 20-something-year-olds who have big dreams, and are well on their way to achieving them. What these savvy kids have done is something that every other small business in the country strives for – they’ve given the big guys something to fear. They may be small, but they mean business.

A quick look at the website , which can be found here , gives us a little more insight into why, for the first time since the awards were introduced in the UK in 2011, an outsider has won (the award has previously been won by uSwitch in 2014, Compare the Market in 2013, Moneysupermarket in 2012, and Which? in 2011). A simple, clear design, easy navigation, relevant content, and regular updates make for an overall good user experience, while the company seem to offer a fully comprehensive service for businesses looking to save money. There’s nothing fancy, no gimmicks. It’s just straight to the point.

Would CompareYourBusinessCosts, as it is today, have won the award 2 or 3 years ago?  It is doubtful. They have grown tired of the stunts and tricks that big businesses pull.  Their mission statement craves simplicity and clear cut information – getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

They’re proving to be a breath of fresh air at a time when we didn’t even know we needed it. So let’s hear it for the little guys – the future of British business.

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