“New grammar schools show Tories have completely wrong priorities to education,” claims Union

Since Theresa May vowed to push for a new raft of grammar schools many have questioned the fairness of the system, and whether is will simply exacerbate the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

The PMs first flagship educational establishment is due to open in 2019 in Croydon, allowing the school to chose the thousand pupils who will attend the school and will also be able to access direct government funding, to support it. The Greens, Lib Dems and Labour have all voiced their concerns about bringing back selective schooling.

However the GMB union believes that opening selective schools and pushing funding into the scheme, is not addressing the serious issues the educational system is currently facing. The concern is that the more affluent children will benefit from these schools at the expense of the poorer in society.

It is feared there will be a huge section of young people who will not receive a decent standard of education, if they fail the new entrance exams, like the feared 11-plus tests.

Sharon Wilde, GMB National Schools Organiser, said: “Government cash for new selective grammar schools shows the Tories have completely the wrong priorities when it comes to education.

“Instead of looking to the past, the Government should be providing education which is fit for the future – teaching children the skills and knowledge needed for the modern world of work.

“School funding is currently stretched to its absolute limits and schools are struggling to deliver the education that every child deserves.

“Ministers should stop diverting precious money to grammar schools which benefit a chosen few and accept the harsh reality of the funding crisis affecting all our schools.

“Once again the Conservatives are happy to splurge on the wealthy and leave nothing for everybody else.”

“At a time where funding in schools is stretched to its limits and schools are struggling to deliver the education that every child deserves they are investing in a Grammar school expansion program which will advantage pupils from wealthier backgrounds.

“This gives the lie yet again to the idea the Conservatives are the party of working people.

“It’s the same old Tories, looking after the rich and stomping on everybody else.”

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