New app helps Londoners and tourists exploit the city

Tourists no longer have to walk to the tourist information centre or walk around the capital with a map, trying to find attractions, and ending up missing out the delights of the capital.

Now a new app is empowering visitors to make the most of the great deals and tickets to the best events, which add value to every trip in London town.

The people behind the Official London Tourist app have set up the What Now?! app joining forces with Hotelbeds to revolutionise in-destination tourism by helping hotels, airlines and tour/attraction providers add value to their customers.

The partnership team have developed innovative new technology to allow consumers to have a live smartphone experience, offline, saving them money and serving them up the best deals in town. This means tourists do not need to be connected to 3G or 4G to use the app.

The app harnesses GPS technology and low usage memory providing the user with an offline smart phone experience when required. Travellers’ data roaming is off, but their access to the city is most definitely on.

Using the app the city will open up to the tourist, as if they have lived here all their lives. This will enable tourists to make spur-of-the-moment decisions and change plans in real time.  At the touch of a button they are able to find a totally new selection of bars, galleries, restaurants and other attractions wherever they are in London.

Tony Sandler, CEO and founder of What Now Travel said, “Customer travel experience does not end at booking a flight, hotel room or holiday. We want to add value to the visitor at all times, at the touch of a button.”

Amazingly, the app is responsive to the weather, so if there is torrential rain all day (sadly quite possible in London) it can create an indoor itinerary for the day. Also there is no need to print of paper tickets for certain key attractions, yes this is still a thing, as the app created e-tickets so you can walk straight up to the venue and stroll right in.

Paul Anthony, managing director of the Transfer and Activity Bank (TAB) division of Hotelbeds Group said, “Benefiting from the large product portfolio of Hotelbeds, the What Now?! app also aims to enhance ‘in-hotel’ distribution, adding value to the traveller experience by helping tourists to discover London and buy same day tickets at the last minute.”

It looks like one of the biggest cities in the world can now be yours to enjoy, and to get the best out of it, all from your off-line phone. Forget Pokemon, get hunting for exciting things to do on your doorstep instead.

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