Nazi-obsessed teenager, previously convicted of making a pipe bomb, pleaded guilty to terrorism-related offence

A Nazi-obsessed teenager, who was previously convicted of making a petrol bomb, has pleaded guilty to a terrorism-related offence today (Mon).

Jack Coulson, 19, pleaded guilty to possessing a document likely to be useful to a person committing terrorism.

The teen was found to have ‘The Big Book Of Mischief’, which is believed to contain the process of creating and detonating a wide variety of explosives, between January 3 and January 20 this year.

Coulson had previously avoided a prison sentence in February 2017, despite being found guilty by a jury at Leeds Crown Court of constructing an explosive device.

Jurors at the week-long trial last year were told how a pipe bomb was found in a desk drawer in his bedroom after police were alerted through suspicious Snapchat messages.

It was explained how the explosive device found at the teenager’s home on July 26 contained 19 grammes of explosive material the teenager had gathered from sparklers.

The jury heard how officers found the defendant’s bedroom covered in flags, including the swastika and the symbol of the Waffen SS.

Coulson from Mexborough, South Yorks., also owned a laptop with wallpaper featuring a Nazi eagle over a swastika and the German phrase: “One Nation, One Empire, One Leader.”

The teen was given a Youth Rehabilitation Order which was due to last for three years and involved him being supervised, attending a preventative intervention programme for a year, staying off the internet and not contacting any proscribed groups.

Coulson pleaded guilty today (Mon) to possessing a document likely to be useful to a person committing terrorism at Leeds Crown Court.

He admitted that between January 3 and January 20 this year, he possessed a document called The Big Book Of Mischief.

Remanding Coulson in custody until his sentence hearing on Thursday (19 July), Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said: “You will be sentenced on Thursday which is obviously very much in your interests to know your fate as soon as possible.”

Coulson will be also be sentenced for breaking the Youth Rehabilitation Order given to him in February 2017.


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