Muslim woman thanks Geordie passengers who saved her from anti-muslim abuse

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

A muslim lady was subjected to an anti-muslim rant during a journey on public transport, luckily other passengers stepped in to stop the abuse and eject the culprit.

Ruhi Rehman, 23 from Newcastle was told she was going to “bomb the train” and told her it was “my country.” Ruhi was sitting quietly on a Metro service – Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s version of the London Underground – when a man demanded she get off the train.

Luckily other passengers on the train from Newcastle to Whitley Bay, a town on the coast, many of them football supporters, were disgusted by the man’s behaviour and came to her aid.

They demanded that he leave the train at the next station and as he left the Metro, head hung in shame, the other passengers cheered and applauded.

Ruhi, of Newcastle, today thanked those who helped saying: ‘It was the true Geordie spirit that shone through. It was then the other passengers started getting involved, telling him to leave us alone. Then he said to them “what, do you want her to bomb this train?”

Here is a witnesses account of the incident – it contains strong language:CUXp4vEWIAEnoTC

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