Murdoch tabloid calls for climate change action after printing two pages of rival newspaper by mistake

One of Australia’s most popular tabloids has called for action on climate change after printing two pages from a rival newspaper by mistake.

The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph, a right-leaning tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, accidentally printed two pages of the liberal Sydney Morning Herald in its Thursday edition.

The pages include a letter calling for action to tackle climate change, the BBC has reported.

In an announcement on Twitter this morning, The Telegraph said: “Good morning readers, today @DailyTelegraph printed 2 pages from The Sydney Morning Herald in some editions. Both papers share the same printing facility in Sydney’s west and the error happened during the production process. We apologise for any confusion this has caused.”

The front page reports on an “ISIS plot to strike” before taking a humorous liberal-leaning twist in the centre pages. 

The mistake was spotted by a number of readers who were quick to see the funny side.

We pick out the best reaction below:

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