MPs reporting their own constituents to immigration enforcement

MPs are reporting their own constituents to immigration enforcement using a new Home Office hotline and webpage.

A Freedom of Information request submitted by has revealed that the Home Office has received 482 tip-offs from MPs between 2014 and 2016, raising the possibility that MPs are reporting their own constituents to the authorities when they have come to them for help.

The news comes after London mayor Sadiq Khan said police officers were “duty bound” to report both victims and witnesses of crime to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

According to the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, the findings are “extremely concerning”.

“All constituents have a right to petition their MPs and should have confidence that they will not betray their interests,” the legal and policy director Chai Patel said.

“It is extremely concerning that members of parliament appear to be sharing information with the Home Office in these circumstances. With massive cuts to legal aid many migrants have nowhere else to turn to find someone who can advise them and represent their interests.

“We need to get to the bottom of what information MPs are giving the Home Office and in what context.”

Fizza Qureshi, director of the Migrants’ Rights Network, said: “If parliamentarians are reporting their constituents, it demonstrates how deep the ‘hostile environment’ is seeping into our society.

“You would hope that MPs would advocate on behalf of their constituents rather than report them to the Home Office.”


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    1. A constituent is someone, who lives in a constiuency. An MP does not just represent the voters of a constituency but the all residents of that community, including those not entitled to vote, such as those not old enough to vote. And that includes people the police and the immigration authorities might consider to be illegal. Until officially ruled illegal, technically, they are not illegal, as such. Therefore they should be treated the same as anyone else. Merely suspecting someone as being an illegal immigrant is not proof that person is an illegal immigrant. Immigrants unsure of their legal status have every right to consult and seek help from their constituency MP without fear of being reported to the police unnecessarily.

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