Mind takes to Twitter to put Esther McVey straight on a few things

Esther McVey recently referenced Mind in a speech about Universal Credit. The mental health charity decided to reaffirm their position on the much-criticised new benefit via Twitter.

Responding to the noise on social media, Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns said: “The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Esther McVey mentioned Mind in her Universal Credit (UC) regulations statement. We have repeatedly raised our concerns with the Department for Work and Pensions about UC and the regulations and so wanted to make it clear where we stand on the issue.

“These regulations confirmed our worst fears – that in the move over to UC three million people, including hundreds of thousands of people with mental health problems, will be forced to make a new claim. This risks many being left without income and pushed into poverty. The regulations have done little to meet this fundamental problem – as it stands there is still no safety net for people before or during the move to UC.”

Read Tweet response (below)


“The Government must do the right thing and withdraw these regulations, before they fall squarely on some of the most vulnerable in society.”

Yesterday the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions @EstherMcVey1 mentioned us in a list of organisations who had recognised and welcomed changes to #UniversalCredit. We thought it was important to set the record straight. pic.twitter.com/ATZqKqLHzO

— Mind (@MindCharity) November 6, 2018

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1 Response

  1. Martyn Everitt-Bronze

    My girlfriend and I have mental health problems and we have just been forced on to UC, by our local authority Tendring District Council (Clacton-on-Sea). We had to make a change of circumstances with our ESA, when I moved into her home. TDC suspended her HB ,in June’ to avoid overpayment. We needed confirmation from DWP of our income, to take to TDC but before we finally got it, TDC had cancelled her HB. This left her with over £1,500 of rent arrears. While this had been happenning. TDC had stopped accepting new claims for HB.

    We started applying for UC, on Thursday. I hope we can get the HC part backdated to cover the rent arrears but to be honest I’m not so sure this will happen.

    I’m quite upset ant disgusted that we have been forced onto UC in such a callous and underhand way.

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