Michael Gove just inadvertently summed up the Conservative’s divided approach to Brexit

Michael Gove used a shocking analogy in reference to his colleagues David Davis and Boris Johnson today – indicating that they’re playing for different teams.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, the Environment Secretary said Davis and Johnson are the “Messi and Ronaldo” of the Cabinet as he set out his red lines for Brexit.

But while Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for their arch rivals Real Madrid.

When asked if he was a “bit annoyed” about not receiving top billing ahead of a meeting of the Cabinet’s Brexit subcommittee’s meeting at Chequers on Thursday, Gove replied: “Not at all.

“Why would you want to be on the pitch when you’ve got two of the best strikers on your team already out there?

“I’m more than happy. DD and Boris are big hitters. They are the Messi and the Ronaldo of the Cabinet, and as for me I’m just a journeyman so I’ll carry on doing my job.”

The comments come following another catastrophic Boris blunder after the Foreign Secretary told German officials that Brexit is a mess.


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