Sensational headline of the day: “Jeremy Kyle axed in revenge for Brexit”, Daily Star claims

An embellished interpretation of Jeremy Clarkson’s column made the front page of the Daily Star this morning as the redtop made sensational claims that Jeremy Kyle was “axed in revenge for Brexit”.

Clarkson courted controversy on Sunday after claiming that the decision to cancel The Jeremy Kyle Show amounts to unfairly taking away the “plaything” of “fat, unintelligent Brexiteers”.

The ITV daytime show was cancelled following the death of Steve Dymond, who had participated in an episode (that was not aired) the week before he died.

In the column the outspoken presenter comically asked: “What sort of show should be beamed into the plasma-filled homes of the fat and the unintelligent? Repeats of the Richard Dimbleby lectures?”

But his droll sentiment clearly overstepped the mark with subs on the Daily Star’s news desk.

In an explosive front-page cover they wrote: “GOBBY Jeremy Clarkson was slammed yesterday for claiming posh TV chiefs scrapped The Jeremy Kyle Show to punish “fat, unintelligent” northerners for voting Brexit.”

Editors continued to say that “there’s no excuse for this insulting language” and that his “ill-advised words” won’t go down well in the North.

They also note that “his provocative style has been getting him into trouble for years – And that’s just the way he likes it”.

“But do we expect Jeremy to change or keep his mouth shut from now on?

“Not on your nelly…”

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