Press Photo of the Year 2018

SWNS is the largest independent press agency in the UK. Every year their newswire supplies pictures, videos and content to websites, newspapers and magazines around the world. These include some of the most fascinating, captivating and powerful photographs you could ever hope to see.

SWNS is showcasing 100 of the Best Press Photos of 2018, as chosen by the SWNS picture editors. You can vote for your favourite by viewing the 100 images here and ticking the heart icon next to each photo. You can vote for more than one. The image that gets the most love will be crowned ‘SWNS Picture of the Year 2018’. Voting is now open!

SWNS told us “We are very grateful to the talented photographers who trust us with their pictures.

“In the last year SWNS launched our platform which was part funded by Google under their Digital News Initiative. Thanks to this innovation we have been able to pay 2,500 new contributors in the last 12 months alone. 

“This means that contributors wanting to sell stories, images and videos to the press are offered complete transparency and payments within days of publication. 

“If you want to register your interest you can leave your details here.”

Here’s just a sample of some of the amazing images you can find at the competition site…

This is the spectacular moment two adrenaline junkie brides set their dresses on FIRE after walking down the aisle. April Choi, 32, and Bethany Byrnes, 28, enlisted guests from their wedding parties to torch the gowns while they were still wearing them. Dramatic footage shows flames engulfing the dresses, which were specially altered to make the trains detachable. The couple – who are both variety entertainers and boast fire-eating and breathing among their talents – pulled off the stunt during their wedding on October 13.
A dramatic bolt of lightning lights up the sky above The Shard, London on saturday night, May 27, 2018. After a sunny start to the Bank Holiday weekend, with temperatures reaching 27C (80.6F), Saturday’s balmy evening eventually broke into a violent thunderstorm accompanied by heavy rain.
A giant Whaleshark underneath a boat on Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay, Australia 04/03/18. This is the unbelievable moment in which a giant Whaleshark looms below a boat full of unsuspecting tourists who are basking in the sun. Taken by Thomas (Tom) Cannon, 26, the photo shows the gaping abyss that is the Whaleshark’s mouth, leering in dark blue water below a luxurious gleaming white boat.
A giraffe looks as if it’s trying to ‘taste the rainbow’ in this snap that bears a remarkable resemblance to the popular Skittles TV advert. The tall creature was captured standing serenely next to the coloured arc which appeared in the sky as the sun broke out at the end of a rainstorm. She stood and posed for photographer Cara Pring who passed her in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
The rare Bioluminescent Plankton lights up the ocean in Penmon, Anglesey, Wales with Trwyn Du Lighthouse in the background. This astonishing photograph captures the extremely rare moment the sea off the UK coast line turned a luminous blue colour. Amateur photographer Paul Joinson has captured the moment when Bioluminescent Plankton swam in an area of the Irish sea and stunned in a light up blue. Bioluminescent Plankton is formed from a group of chemicals to help make plankton grow – the light is produced by a series of oxidation reactions set off by a catalyst called lucifease.
Veiw from North Hill, Worcestershrie shows stars above the mist in Great Malvern. Photographer with his head in the clouds captures stunning series of enchanting images showing stars above the cloud cover of Great Malvern, Worcestershire.
Richard Horner captures sealife swimming amongst masses of plastic pollutants at Manta Point, Nusa Penida, Bali. March 3, 2018. The 45 year old, ex mechanical design engineer from East Sussex, UK has been living in Bali, for 5 years. It is believed the plastic comes from Indonesia where rubbish is dropped and washed into the rivers via storm drains. The waters around Bali are dominated by the Indonesian through-flow, and plastic and other pollutants pass very regularly in the wet season.

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