Media ignores Diane Abbott’s racist abuse from trolls. Until she describes what they say on TV. Then they go nuts when she quotes the abuse.

When exactly is it political correctness gone mad?

Diane Abbott appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning after a study by Amnesty found almost HALF of all the horrendous abuse female MP’s suffer on social media is directed at Britain’s first black woman MP, the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott.

The human rights watchdog uncovered 25,688 abusive tweets to women MP’s over six months leading up to the June 8 general election.

Diane Abbott received 45% of all abusive tweets. Black and Asian women MP’s in Westminster received 35% more abusive tweets than white women MP’s. Female MP’s in Labour and SNP received by far the greatest amounts of abuse from trolls, but sick abuse was received by women representing all parties.

“I’ve had death threats, I’ve had people tweeting that I should be hung if”they could find a tree big enough to take the fat bitch’s weight’… I’ve had rape threats…and n*gger, over and over and over again” – Diane Abbott’s testimony to a parliamentary debate about intimidation against members of parliament this summer should have shocked the nation.

But instead the press appears mostly shocked this morning because the Labour MP said one of the racist words trolls threaten her with regularly when describing what they say on the Good Morning Britain TV show this morning.

“When I say abuse, it’s not people saying ‘I disagree with you about nationalising the railways,’ explained Abbott. “It’s people calling me a n***** b****, threatening acid attacks, it’s rape, it’s death threats.

“It’s upsetting for me but it’s also very upsetting for my staff who have to deal with it.”

There are no shortage of people to point out the disgusting hypocrisy of certain right wing sections of the media this morning.

And The Sun always on the right side of history chose to run this today – still unashamedly on their site – a call to join in the bullying, intimidation and abuse that the veteran Hackney MP faces :


No black or female MP’s should contend with such abuse and threats of death and rape for carrying out their job. Don’t read the publications which mock them when they describe such abuse. And please do feel free complain at their hypocrisy.


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  1. Leftists

    That’s awful, but you fail to mention the bad things Diane has said on twitter regarding white people, terrorism, race etc. That is the reason why she is getting abuse in the first place.. Complete utter leftist bullshit. The left want to shout autistically about equality and race etc whilst not accepting another persons point of view. Very progressive.

  2. Michael

    It Never ceases to Amaze me how you are Meant to keep a Straight face when you hear a Stinking Racist Ugly Pig and a Stinking Terrorist Loving scumbag Filth, Moaning about Racists, If you can Take it you Ignorant Filth Dont Try to Give it.

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