Corbyn supporters spectacularly troll Britain First leader

For anyone not familiar with Britain First, it’s a single Facebook page for people to share hateful and largely illiterate ideas that sink to a whole new level of stupid. Britain First describes itself as a Political Party standing up for nationalism and British Sovereignty, opposing colonisation and promoting Christianity.

Britain First generally share fake pictures of foreigners going about their business in Middle Eastern cities, claiming the snap was taken in York or Swindon. Photos of Pakistani cricket supporters celebrating with captions claiming them to be celebrating the Paris bombings. Or photos of American Gangstas holding guns with captions claiming they are recent UK asylum seekers.

It’s more of a social group for every moron in the UK to share fake hate-bait click-bait. The often ridiculous Britain First posts are shared in their hundreds of thousands by angry people up and down the country, often sporting St George crosses as profile pictures. If a muslim can be blamed for.. well, anything, they will be on the Britain First Facebook page.

Sadly there are a lot of morons; almost two million of them following the page. Although a great number of the followers aren’t real, it’s hard to say what’s more depressing, the number of idiots swallowing this garbage, or the crimes against grammar and spelling in the page comments.

Now, generally Britain First is able to spread and perpetuate its hateful rhetoric due to the fact it deletes any comments that challenge their views, debunk a fake story, or cite the truth.  This means that people who ‘agree’ with Britain First’s extremely small-minded rhetoric also believe that everyone else agrees with them too, fuelling their self righteousness and willingness to share.  This is a perfect platform to whip up some xenophobic anger. A bit of ‘them and us’.

However, friendly Britain First leader Paul Golding made a serious error and forgot to screen comments from his personal page (which mirrors the main page) leading to some trolling of epic proportions. Before anyone complains, this was love trolling…

Earlier this week Britain First posted a photo of Jeremy Corbyn with the caption ‘Describe him in one word’.


As you would expect, there was a flood of hateful comments, most starting with ‘c’ and ending with ‘t’ (clue: it wasn’t coconut), calling Corbyn a traitor, as well as an astonishing number of people wondering who on Earth he is (yes, on a ‘Political Party page’). In fact, there were hundreds of ‘who is this?’ comments.

Whilst Corbyn supporters were largely unable to post their positive comments on the Britain First page, they were able to direct their love to the Britain First leader’s page, which largely mirrors the Britain First page. Cue a landslide of love and affection for Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The landslide of love has resulted in some hardline right-wingers clearly losing their heads. With comments such as ‘Hero’ and ‘Next Prime Minister‘ some of the angry replies were literal metaphors for exploding heads. Such was the deluge of love for Corbyn, the hate comments became almost invisible, which is a historical first for Britain First.


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