May gives Commons 12 hours to debate 15 crucial amendments to the Brexit Bill

MPs will have just 12 hours to debate 15 crucial amendments to the Brexit bill, including the customs union, the date and time of the exit and Northern Ireland.

The latest amendments from the House of Lords will circle back to the Commons on 12 June, but with a working majority of just 13 Prime Minister Theresa May has given politicians just half a day to debate the changes and send the bill back to the house.

Tory chief whip Julian Smith sent a letter to his Conservative colleagues announcing the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will be coming back to the Commons.

He requested all Tory MPs to be on the parliamentary estate for the entire day as there will be several votes on the bill, which has suffered 15 defeats at the hands of the House of Lords.

In a clear warning to Tory rebels, Mr Smith also urged MPs to vote on the amendments “in a way that reflects both the referendum result and the Conservative Party manifesto we all stood on last year”.

See below the issues that will be debated:


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