May finds magic money tree to stay in power after campaigning against Labour’s money tree

Theresa May has been accused of finding a money tree to keep the Conservatives in power just weeks after using the issue against Labour in her general election campaign.

The Conservative PM was accused of a “straight bung” after agreeing an extra £1 billion in exchange for parliamentary support from the DUP.

It comes just weeks after she dismissed ambitious manifesto pledges from Labour as been dreamed up in fantasy land. Insisting there just wasn’t the money.

The SNP accused the government of leaving Scotland with “scraps from the table” after they threw out the idea of sharing money across the UK.

Ian Blackford, the party’s Westminster leader, said: “For years the Tories have been cutting budgets and services, but suddenly they have found a magic money tree to help them stay in power.”

As Ollie McAninch wrote here prior to the election, convincing the electorate that running the country is the same as running your personal piggy bank is one of the finest tricks the Tories ever played.

Now they even have to back-track on one of their most treasured (albeit misguided) campaign pledges.

There is a magic money tree…in fact there are two

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