Margaret Thatcher on list to be on new £50 note

To be fair I have hardly ever seen a £50 note in my life but news that the former PM Margaret Thatcher is on a long list of people to be the face of the £50 note for her work in science, may ruffle quite a few feathers. I am unsure what exactly she did for science to be honest.

Thatcher studied chemistry at Oxford and worked as a research scientist for food company J Lyons before becoming the UK’s first female Prime Minister.

The selection process has received a total of 174,112 nominations.

Matthew Boulton and James Watt are the faces on the current £50 note.

The favourites, ahead of Thatcher, are…

Professor Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and cosmologist

Ada Lovelace,  first computer programmer

Rosalind Franklin, who inspired the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA

Frederick Sanger, biochemist

Dorothy Hodgkin, chemist

Alan Turing, the father of theoretical computer science


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