Map of companies worth entire countries stock markets

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

The global stock markets have had a tough time of late and the largest corporations in the world dwarf some countries stock market valuation.

For example Google and Amazon have a combined worth of $747bn, Netflix is $40bn and McDonald’s is around $109bn.

These figures are pretty hard to get your head around, so Bank of America Merrill Lynch has created a map to help illustrate the size of these companies compared to stock markets in certain countries.

Adobe, which is value at a huge $42bn is almost as much as Poland’s entire stock market. Pay Pal is worth as much as the entire stocks of Turkey and Intel matches Mexico’s stock market.

These huge companies are almost all listed on the New York Stock Exchange. However, stock markets across the globe have had an uncertain time lately due to expected slow down in the Chinese economy.

Adobe is valued at $42 billion, almost as much as Poland’s stock market. Intel is worth the same as Mexico’s stock market. Meanwhile PayPal is worth as much as all the stocks in Turkey.

Have a look at map below 


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