Man refused request to be jailed because he was homeless threatens probation officer – is then JAILED

A man who demanded to be jailed because he had nowhere to live threatened his probation officer after she refused his request – and was then JAILED.

Grant Henry, 26, visited the probation offices in Cambridge on January 7, where he confronted the woman and insisted on being sent to prison because he was homeless.

When the woman said having nowhere to live did not justify being put behind bars, he started shouting and became aggressive.

Another probation worker heard the commotion and attempted to intervene.

However, Henry punched the reception desk, threatened the pair and said he would set fire to the premises.

Henry threatened police officers when they arrived and was arrested. When he was searched officers found a knuckleduster.

Henry, from Cambridge, admitted two counts of using threatening behaviour and one of possession of a weapon in a public place.

On Friday at Peterborough Crown Court he was sentenced to 25 weeks in prison.

PC Ross Howard said: “Although there may be sympathy for Henry’s situation, having nowhere to live isn’t an excuse to threaten people and carry an offensive weapon.

“This was a frightening experience for those involved and they were genuinely fearful for their safety.”

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by Tommy Lumby

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