The man who is dismantling the NHS is about to overtake the man who founded it

Jeremy Hunt is close to becoming the second-longest serving minister in charge of the NHS – taking over Anuerin Bevan.

Bevan spent 1,993 days in charge of the health service during the Labour government of 1945-51.

In that time he spearheaded the establishment of the National Health Service, which was to provide medical care free at point-of-need to all Britons; regardless of wealth.

But in an ironic twist the second-longest minister for the NHS is set to be overtaken by the man who has been widely accused of trying to dismantle it.

Jeremy Hunt has been in the position for 1,934 days, and there are no signs of him stepping down anytime soon.

Dennis Skinner yesterday warned parliament of a “growing suspicion” that Hunt wants to run the NHS into the ground and then “privatise the lot”.

His words echo sentiments from across the board, with several high-profile figures recently backing a lawsuit aimed at preventing greater privatisation of the National Health Service.


“Jeremy Hunt must fix this scandal – the £100m for Virgin’s coffers should go to NHS Patient care.” Jonathan Ashworth

As over 68,000 people demand Richard Branson hands back NHS money…He lands £104m NHS contract

NHS boss resigns in protest over Government underfunding of health services

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