Man who can’t build bridge across the Thames wants to construct one across the Channel

Boris Johnson, whose London bridge project collapsed in acrimony last year after shelling out £37 million on the project, yesterday proposed a 22-mile bridge across the Channel.

The Foreign Secretary oversaw plans for a “garden bridge” in London during his tenure as Mayor that would stretch 366 metres across the Thames.

But the “garden paradise” was canned by Sadiq Khan, who said he could not justify the £200 million construction.

Not that the catastrophic fail has spoilt Johnson’s appetite for bridge building.

The foreign secretary discussed the issue with Emmanuel Macron, the French president, at the Anglo-French summit, saying it was “ridiculous” that two of the world’s biggest economies are linked by a single railway line.

BJ has a history of failed infrastructure projects. His Thames Estuary airport never got off the ground either at a cost of £3.2 million to the taxpayer. 

That’s over £40 million in failed investment from the foreign secretary.


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