London’s Newest Tech Hub ‘TMRW’ Opens Its Doors In Croydon

A £2 million tech hub has opened its doors in South London as part of the government’s significant £7 billion investment into the regeneration of Croydon.

‘TMRW’ opened today with financial backing from Croydon Council and the Greater London Authority. The new hub will provide state of the art facilities and a rich ecosystem for the capital’s most progressive technology businesses looking to scale up and grow fast.

This is part of the government’s (and industry’s) significant £7 billion investment into the regeneration of Croydon, with other programmes including a new BoxPark, a Westfield shopping centre and the creation of a new Cultural Quarter in the town centre.

Now officially London’s fastest growing tech ecosystem, Croydon offers affordable rent, easily accessible transport links (local, national and international), gigabit internet connectivity, a 1.1 million skilled workforce and an artist community.


Leveraging an international network of CEOs with outstanding track records, tech investors and industrial giants keen to innovate, growing businesses will have the opportunity to meet proven tech leaders, work on solving real, practical business challenges suffered by industry giants today and leverage the network’s experience, contacts and opportunities.

TMRW is focused on bridging the gap between the most promising tech companies and industrial companies keen to innovate but lacking the flexibility or means to truly disrupt their own environment. Partnering firms get privileged access to TMRW’s tech labs, a set of small and highly focused clusters of companies working on TMRW’s tech breakthroughs, and shall be offered investment, collaboration, licensing and M&A opportunities.


The newly, purpose built tech hub offers a spacious 21,000 sq ft of tech space; it is accommodated in Davis House, an office building located on the High Street and at the epicentre of Croydon’s digital cluster.

Francois Mazoudier, TMRW’s chairman: “London has become Europe’s epicenter for fast growth tech businesses – an amazing achievement. The downside of this boom has been the flash rise of rent prices in central London, with many great startups being priced out of central London, in particular the East End. With TMRW, our network of tech entrepreneurs, investors, industry partners and a vibrant local social scene, we’re establishing one of the UK’s best alternative clusters for tech entrepreneurs and start-ups.”



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