London Bridge killer appeared ‘concerned’ in weeks leading up to horror

London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt looked ‘concerned’ in the weeks leading up to the attack, according to a young man who shared the same backstreet gym.

The 20-year-old, who asked not to be named ‘for fear of his life’, said he had first met Butt last month when he signed up to the Ummah Fitness Centre in Ilford.

The gym goer said: ”I met him three weeks ago.

”He speak only with his guys, people who come in robes.

”When I last saw him, he looked concerned. When we speak he does not respond, he was blank.

”He looked preoccupied with something else.

”Before that he would say hello, he was friendly.”

The gym, where Butt was a regular and often volunteered to help out at, was raided by police in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing police enter the gym at around 2.30am and remove IT equipment.

A police cordon was put in place at the gym around at 11.30am today and cops could be seen going door to door and checking under cars.

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