Listen – Is it now a “Hammond” not an “Abbott?” as Chancellor makes £20bn mistake

Oh dear, the Tory Chancellor has had a bad day, Theresa May didn’t back him to still be Chancellor for much longer and he made a £20n error on the cost of HS2 on Radio 4.

He was trying to attack the Labour manifesto, but instead made a huge error. He said their was a massive hole in Labour’s spending plans, but he then forgot the cost of the controversial high speed rail linked, hate by many Shire Tory MPs.

Hammond was asked about the cost of the train system and he said “about £32bn.” The presenter John Humphrys said: “£32n not £52n?”

The Chancellor knew he was caught out and was obviously flustered and said “Er it’s…over…I mean..there’s a huge amount of contingency built n to the budgeting of these projects.”

Humprhrys smelt blood and replied: “and they’re usually met, these contingencies, aren’t they?”

“These things always cost more then we expect.”

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