Listen: ‘I know S. Wales well,I’ve driven past Port Talbot many times’ says Steel Privatising Tory

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Ken Clarke, who was responsible for privatising the steel industry under Thatcher, showed how out of touch he his with the area his party is about to destroy. He said, during The BBC’s The World at One Programme, that he knew South Wales well, and had “driven past Port Talbot many times.”

Jeremy Corbyn repeated his call for the Tata businesses to be nationalised. He said: “The Prime Minister has offered no solutions today to the threat to our steel industry. His government is failing thousands of Tata steelworkers whose jobs are on the line.

However, Clarke made the case against nationalising the plant until a buyer could be found. He said: “No I would rule that out. I mean, we privatised steel because nationalisation had failed.

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