List of 300 Tory MPs who blocked inquiry into Panama Scandal

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Last week there was a vote in the House of Commons for a public inquiry into the Panama scandal. The leak has brought the world’s attention to shady tax havens and how people squirrel their money away.

The people of the UK probably want answers, but we won’t get any as 300 Tory MPs voted to block the inquiry, against 266 MPs who would like an open debate about it.

Here is the list below (see link) of the people who serve us, who have decided in this case to keep the truth to themselves.

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  1. Stephen Cox

    Nice one Joe. You’ve ignored 95% of the motion and picked out just one small element. Could it be that the Tories were voting against the implementation of Labour’s tax evasion policy rather than just the inquiry part.? How clever of John McDonnell to include the inquiry so that when the motion was inevitably defeated, journalists such as yourself could cherry-pick the headline-grabbing part. Can you honestly say that had the roles been reversed, a Labour government would have supported such a Tory motion?

    1. shrimp

      Stephen Cox. Are you suggesting Tory MPs object to Labour’s ideas for cracking down on Tax Evasion? I’m sure they do, but most of us think Tax Evasion is a BAD thing.

    2. Ben

      Like the Tories would have put forward such a motion in the first place! Haha.
      Your argument is based on fiction. Who is to say if Labour would have supported it the other way round or not. Not sure that is really what matters.

  2. Quentin Poulsen

    It’s really a shame Britain was never properly held accountable for its countless atroicious crimes against humanity. It it has been, we wouldn’t be putting up with unaccountable bastards like this in the 21st century.

  3. James

    Why would a government official move to block tax evasion? If they are voting for tax evasion, why are they remaining in office? It’s not particularly difficult. Either you work in favour of the nation, or yourself. We have just seen an overwhelming amount of self.
    There should be structures in place to remove those MPs who side step HMRC.

  4. Howard Rogers

    Only 298 Naye votes are listed in the download. Is anyone able to explain why 2 other voters are not listed?

  5. Terry Davies

    what about a polling paper to be completed by voters
    during the EU referendum???
    this method of consultation could be used at polls during local elections too.
    may encourage a bigger turnout if voters felt they had a voice in some aspect of governmental policies.

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