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LibDem candidate refuses to stand for election because she’s “buying a house”

The Liberal Democrats chances of mounting a serious General Election challenge have been cast in doubt following revelations that they have already come a cropper in two seats.

Following the announcement by Daisy Benson that she would run for the party in Yeovil, the LibDem candidate stood down because:

“Although I’ve been preparing for the past year, this election unfortunately comes at precisely the wrong time for me. I’m just in the process of completing purchasing a house.”

Yeovil is a key target seat for the Liberals, casting doubt over whether they can really mount a serious challenge come June 8th.

And as political commentator Guido Fawkes pointed out today, the party is also in disarray in Bath, which is considered an established yellow seat with a comfortable majority of almost 4,000.

Despite the LibDems priding themselves on having candidates in place before everyone else they have left it until the last moment to choose their candidate – an uninspiring Euro-fanatic called Wera Hobhouse, yesterday.

Let’s hope her property aspirations don’t get in the way!

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