Letter to Farage ahead of Sunderland march goes viral

A letter to Nigel Farage published in the Sunderland Echo the day before a Brexit Betrayal march got underway in the region is garnering viral traction on social media.

The piece, entitled “Nigel Farage is not a friend to the people of Sunderland”, vents that the city is “isolated because of him” as he spends more time on LBC or FOX than he does “doing his job advancing the UK’s interests” in Europe.

Robin Tudge writes: “He doesn’t come here to listen. He wants you to come out as extras in the background for his showreel, standing with the angry people he’s invited in from all around, inciting them into attacking those who actually represent their interests in Parliament and terrorize them into supporting No Deal, a plan that will wreck the UK’s economy but profit him and his backers by shorting the pound, asset-stripping the NHS, and keeping the profits tax-free by avoiding impending EU legislation on countering tax avoidance.

“And to do that, he’s hijacked the Jarrow March, that courageous, seminal moment in the working class’s fight against poverty, a march to the door of the elites that prospered on poverty, an elite that ignored their pleas, an elite that has not changed an iota over the near century since, an elite of which Farage is very, very much a part.

“Conmen tell you what you want to hear so you’ll buy their lies, at your great cost.

“Friends tell you what you need to know even if you don’t want to hear it.”

Read the letter in full here.

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  1. Beryl Hughes

    Farage – He is being used for his propaganda technique by the super rich who want to make great deals and lots of money. Trump is behind it – Banks and Farage were there in 2016 and Banks bought a flat nr the White House. Banks made his money from insurance and he is after the spoils as the NHS is sold off to Americans and is gradually privatised completely. His “act” in the pubs with his pint and Teddy Boy Coat – “I am one of you” was reminiscent of Hitler and the beer halls. He even copied him with a plane. I am still wondering why he was not prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred under the l986 Act following that bus with the brown faces.. Within a week of the Brexit vote, a Polish man was murdered here in Essex and in Romford people were wandering about with vests with the words “go home Polish scum” – again no one was arrested. Then came the murder of the politician by someone who said he did it for England. As a historian I see parallels with the l930’s but the social media and Amazon selling weapons on line even to minors it is going to be worse.

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