Len McCluskey claims MI5 infiltrating Corbyn camp to abuse Lab MPs

Shocking claims have just come to light after Union chief Len McCluskey believes that MI5 are trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

He thinks that MI5 agents are pretending to be Corbyn supporters and are then abusing rebel Labour MPs in public.

44 female Labour MPs have revealed that they have received horrific on-line abuse. In a joint letter to Corbyn they wrote: “Rape threats, death threats, smashed cars and bricks through windows are disgusting and totally unacceptable in any situation.

“This is acknowledged by all factions, yet the simple words of condemnation offered in response are inadequate.

“We expect swift and tangible action against those who commit such acts.”

But there are now claims that these sickening verbal attacks are not actually carried out by real Corbyn supporters.

In an interview reported in the Daily Mirror, the Unite boss is sure that MI5 are using “dark arts” in an attempt to end Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, which is hugely popular with Labour members, but not with the majority of Labour MPs

McCluskey think his claims will be proven right in 2046 when Government papers are show to the public under the “30-year-rule.”

There has been a huge amount of abuse, mainly on-line, at Labour MPs who are attempting to end Corbyn’s leadership and hope Owen Smith will be given the Labour top job. However, this doesn’t look likely as it is assumed Corbyn will win with a landslide, again, in the race to the shadow leader role.

McCluskey said: “Anybody who thinks that that isn’t happening doesn’t live in the same world that I live in.

“Do you think that there’s not all kinds of right-wingers who are not secretly able to disguise themselves and stir up trouble?

“I find it amazing if people think that isn’t happening.”

Angela Eagle, who originally emerged as Corbyn’s leadership rival, has dismissed McCluskey’s outburst about spies infiltrating the Labour Party.

She said: “I’ve known Len for 40 years. His comments are over the top.

“These are serious issues. Rape threats, death threats and organised bullying are not something to be ignored or minimised.

“We need to unite the Labour movement so we can take on the Tories and heal the country, not continue to ignore the cancer of political violence that has been unleashed in the last few months.”

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