Legal Action To Commence Against Tony Blair

Legal action is to commence against Tony Blair after a crowdfunding campaign reached its objective.

The Iraq War Families Campaign Group, which represents the families of the 179 servicemen and women killed in the conflict, is to commence legal action against the former Prime Minister after reaching its £50,000 target on Crowd Justice.

Led by Roger Bacon and Reg Keys, who sons were killed in the War, the Iraq-War Families Campaign Group (IFCG) has campaigned tirelessly to find answers to what went wrong – both politically and operationally – and who was responsible.

The publication on July 6th of the Iraq Inquiry report was a key moment in their search for the truth – as Sir John Chilcot confirmed that there had been catalogue of mistakes and wrongdoing. However, the Inquiry was not a court of law. Justice is still to be done.

Reg Keys, whose son died in Iraq, said: “The public support the Families have received over the years has been unstinting. With the Report’s publication, we now have the evidence that may mean individuals could now face trial. We hope and trust the British people will take this unique opportunity to help us determine what legal actions can be taken and support the campaign to get justice for our loved ones and our country.”

There are also plans of a cross-party group of MPs putting a resolution to Parliament holding Tony Blair in contempt of Parliament for his conduct in the run-up to the Iraq War.

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22 Responses

    1. Fixerken

      Never mind the questions. He will talk forever. Charge him with murder, he and his cohort Straw sent many innocents to a hellish death. Hang him high.

  1. Hugh McLoughlin

    £50,000 down the drain. Tony Blair acted as the head of Her Majesty’s Government and as such shares in Sovereign Immunity, the legal doctrine by which the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution: “rex non potest peccare” (the king can do no wrong). Mind you, the lawyers will make a few bob before they tell the families this.

    1. Paul Browne

      I think you are confusing individuals with the State. If Blair is shown to have lied or acted corruptly he may well be prosecuted.

  2. Craig Ducote

    I think it is decusting that people want to do this because their loved ones died in a war if you don’t join the army just to play war and they new what could happen if they joined up so if you didn’t want your son/daughter to go to war then why did you let them join up do you realy think they would want you doing this I don’t think so as they we’re brave enough to join up and they new what could happen but still joined

    1. Graham

      I was in Iraq, as a civilian, I know things you may not know. It isn’t “decusting” (I think you mean disgusting) that they want this man bought to justice for taking us to war, despite the massive protests, despite the fabricated evidence, despite the fact they’d broken international law and not gain UN backing for the invasion which took us into a war which shouldn’t have happened, was all about oil and has since destabilised the middle east and create terrorist faction after terrorist faction – what I think is disgusting is that you cannot see that.

      1. james

        not sure what was right or wrong , but Saddam was a monster like Hitler, Friday night was execution night live on tv, he gassed the Kurds, committed genocide against his own people. I think all tyrants should be got rid off.If we dont stand up to these monsters It would be like standing by wringing our hands and doing nothing while Hitler gassed millions of Jews and gypsies, gays and mentally challenged. Anyone who stands up to such evil people deserves a medal.
        No one has explained why there were over 50 medical students sent by Saddam to UK to studdie microbiology, mostly phd, s. The future was germ warfare. We saved ourselves from a monster.Good riddance !

    2. Robert Kay

      People join the army to DEFEND our country and should not be made to serve in illegal wars. It shows what contempt our leaders have for the Armed Forces when they send them to hostile countries without even providing them with adequate equipment. The best way to show support for our troops is to start prosecuting war criminals like Tony Blair.

  3. brenda kelly

    I really hope these people get the outcome they deserve. God knows they should after what tragedy they have endured. As for Blair, he has gotten away with too much for too long. He is liar. He must be made accountable, otherwise where is the justice. I also hope some other action is taken against him and his cronies over the death of that wonderful man, David Kelly.

  4. A james

    i agree blair needs to be punished but for war crimes. i cant understand people playing up when they or their family member join the armed forces then play up when they get hurt or die. its part of being in the forces.

  5. Haider

    well hugh, king can do no wrong, but his servants can screw up, on a grand scale, misuse of kings power bestowed upon him, wrongful action which ended up in wrongful death of fellow humans and citizens of the same king, your point is weak to say the least. Blair bypassed the parliament just to appease bush regime and was thus labeled, bush’s bitch. If you think that the queen or the king would approve of such action then they are a;so complicit in his act.

  6. suzie

    Our military act on the powers above.
    Our politicians are paid to work for the people.
    Tony Blair was playing war games as if he was a child.
    It’s disgraceful the way he has behaved and in my opinion he should be stripped of all his fortunes and this handed to the families and surviving military persons and then Blair should be imprisoned.
    You don’t join the military to be led by an idiot.
    Respect goes to all our military. Thank you all.

  7. Then I think the entire government who voted in support and all the people that voted him in should go down too, as we are all equally responsible for the way we chose to govern this county and our armed forces , stop making Blair the scapegoat. He didn’t do it because he wanted our country at war or to commit mass murder , he did what he felt was the best for the country based upon the information he had available. Someone has to make the hard decisions for us, and that why we vote for them. If we could all have a magic wand and see the future, how much easier our lives would be!!

  8. You know what the press want you to know, what sells papers, we are under the pressure of the press, we all think when wrong decisions are made that we can do better. I personally am happy saddam is dead, I think the world is a safer place because of it , I’m ok that the world has had to suffer unrest and continues to do so in the hands of terror, because I truly believe that we will come out a stronger and more stable world in the long game, I believe that less innocent lives will be lost under the hands of terror that would of been lost under the Hands of Saddam and future dictators. Yes we are losing innocent lives in our country , but they were losing far more, and no human life if worth any less than another just because of the colour of their skin. If we can get these country’s more westernized and respecting human rights and women’s rights, through removal of these small minded bigots then it’s a price the rest of the free world should be prepared to pay. Does that mean I would be happy to die for them, no, no one would be happy to lose their life , but I accept that may be the case.

  9. EricF

    The civilised world is now a mess, plagued by terrorists and criminal trash from the East. They are all here because of war criminal Blair who, alongside Bush, started all this trouble. Prosecute and expose him for the lies and trouble that he stated

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