Leavers on the line: saboteur tried to disrupt trainline in name of Brexit only to be thwarted by EU directive

A Leave protester appears to have attempted to disrupt train services on the West Coast Mainline only to be thwarted by an EU directive that rendered their protest defunct.

Images of of a home-made device which would be used to make the signaller think the line is occupied have been circulated among rail staff.

The saboteur(s) appear to have trespassed onto trainline to plant two devices this month.

A contraption was tied to a note that read “Government Betrayal: We will bring this country to its knees if we don’t leave”.

But ironically, due to European directives the line had been upgraded to axel counters, so the protest had no effect.

“It is utterly idiotic to put the safety of passengers and staff at risk,” said Mick Whelan General Secretary of ASLEF the train drivers union.

We are not reproducing imagery of the actual device, thought to have been a similar method to that used by the Great Train Robbery to stop trains to prevent further copycat incidents from occurring which could pose a risk to life.

(Though you can see the note attached to it above.)

Parts of the National Rail network include electrified third rails, which if touched could be lethal. Likewise, trespassing onto the tracks is extremely hazardous, and can result in serious injury or death. But you can see the note, above.

A British Transport Police spokesperson confirmed:  “Detectives from British Transport Police are currently investigating two malicious obstructions which occurred on the railway near Yaxley, Cambridgeshire on 21 March and at Netherfield, Nottinghamshire on 27 March. 
“In both incidents, colleagues from Network Rail had identified devices on the rail tracks which were intended to cause disruption to railway services. The items failed to disrupt services as intended. Detectives are now working closely with the rail industry to investigate these incidents.”

ACC Sean O’Callaghan from British Transport Police, said: “This was a serious and deliberate attempt by someone to cause significant sabotage and disruption to Britain’s rail network. We are urgently investigating the circumstances behind both incidents and are working extremely closely with our national partners, including the rail industry. 
“It is important to highlight that these acts were intended only to delay services and not cause damage to the infrastructure, however this failed on both occasions. The railway has a number of substantial safeguards in place to prevent and detect this type of sabotage and we are now working tirelessly to identify those responsible. 
“We’re are currently keeping an open mind on why someone would put their life at risk to place these items on a live railway, however our early assessment has led us to believe it relates to Britain’s exit from the European Union. We’ll continue to monitor this situation extremely closely and have circulated advice to rail operators and indeed Network Rail.

“Anyone with information should contact British Transport Police by sending a text to 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40.”           

On Saturday thousands of Eurostar passengers were left stranded at St Pancras after a lone protester clambered onto the station roof with a St George’s flag on Friday night and stayed there for 12 hours.

The 44-year-old man was arrested by police but all Eurostar trains into the station were cancelled on Saturday morning until 11am. Thousands of passengers were stranded.


Jean-Claude Juncker brands David Cameron “one of the great destroyers of modern times”

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  1. Suzanne Smith

    Same mentality as Brexit politicians. Media doesn’t point out how all the anti EU politicians are all idiots and liars. Iain Duncan Smith who made up lies such as going to University of Perugia, when it was a two week course at another college in the same town, was following orders from his Bullingdon Club masters to make the poor and vulnerable suffer, until he was threatened by UN for human rights abuses. When Labour reformed House of Lords, Tories tried to vote against it, as wanted upper classes to live for free on expenses, while telling poor and millions they made unemployed then blaming them for being unemployed, they weren’t working hard enough to survive.
    USA born Boris Johnson whose family changed their name from the Turkish asylum seeker relative name to Johnson to sound more British, talks complete nonsense. Such as saying there wasn’t a vote on 2nd war against Iraq when more Tories had voted yes to it than other parties. Yet he was given job as foreign secretary deciding on who we have peace with. That means he’s either a liar seeing what he can get away with blaming others for what Tories cause and media is in with him, or him and media are stupid.
    Michael Gove said Labour were liars for saying Tories would get rid of EMA, and then he did get rid of it when they won election.
    Nigel Farage who was paying his foreign wife on tax payers expenses and hiding money in tax havens, resigned as soon as people voted to leave EU, to leave us out EU with Tories in power.
    Only businesses left will be weapon makers sending arms to extremist groups USA want to overthrow other leaders, and extremist nations like Saudi Arabia. While rest of north Europe work for jobs, peace, health and free or cheap university education
    Nigel Lawson who closely linked British economy with USA in 80s relying on many being in debt until economy crashed by early 90s, was recently advising we leave the EU, while he applies to live in France.

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