Leave economic adviser admits UK would be better off within in EU

Another voice from the Leave camp has said that the UK would be better off within the EU, as the trade opportunities have been lost.

Shanker Singham, who outlined the economic arguments for Brexit, admitted “there’s no point leaving the EU” because the opportunities he had envisaged will have been lost.

He said: “The upside and the opportunity … disappears, and you’re left only with a damage limitation exercise,” reports The Guardian.

Singham is an ex-Washington trade lawyer and lobbyist and was described by Michael Gove as the UK’s “leading expert on trade deals.”

Dominic Raab, the ex Brexit Sec, also appeared to agree with Singham’s thoughts. He believes the current deal on the table is worse than remaining within the EU trading bloc.

Yesterday Theresa May took to the airwaves, during a Radio5 phone in, to talk to the public. She refused to answer if she would stay on if her Brexit deal didn’t pass through parliament.

Raab said “I’m not going to advocate staying in the EU but if you just presented me terms, this deal or EU membership – we’d effectively be bound by the same rules without a control or voice over them – yes, I think this would be even worse than that.”

Today May is in Brussels to complete her Brexit deal with other EU members. However , back at home 85 of her 315 MPs have already publicly rejected her deal. It looks increasingly unlikely she will get her deal through the Commons, which could lead to another General Election.

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