Leading business group backs Labour’s stance on Brexit

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn set out Labour’s vision for a post-Brexit Britain; he wants the UK to remain part of the customs union to maintain a stable trading block with our European partners.

Mr Corbyn also hoped that a “bespoke” arrangement could be reach to ensure that there was no hard border between North Ireland and the Republic.

In response to the speech, the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), were glowing with praise to the Labour leader.

Carolyn Fairburn, CBI director general, said that Labour’s plans would “put jobs and living standards first.”

She continued: “The Labour leaders’ commitment to a customs union will put jobs and living standards first by remaining in a close economic relationship with the EU.

“It will help grow trade without accepting freedom or payments to the EU.

“Importantly, a customs union will go part of the way to providing a real-world solution to the Irish Border questions that is of such urgent concern to the people and firms of Northern Ireland.”

However, the Conservative Government is still pushing for a hard Brexit, ensuring the UK is not within the customs union.

Liam Fox, trade secretary and prominent Brexiteer, said that remaining under the customs umbrella would harm the UK long term. He said it would mean “handing Brussels considerable control of the UK’s external trade policy.”

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