Leading Brexit campaigner applies for official residency card – in France

Former Vote Leave chairman Nigel Lawson is applying for an official French residency card, it has been revealed.

Lawson, formally Baron Lawson of Blaby, has told Connexion he’s applying for his carte de sejour, a document that secures his rights to remain in Gascony post-Brexit.

The move is on the recommendation of the French government who say Britons living in France should seek to get official residency cards.

As of last month fewer than 15,000 ex-oats had them, which is roughly a tenth of the number of Brits living in the country.

Lawson argued that the EU made “no economic sense” in the build-up to the referendum.

He said: “I see no purpose in the EU now at all.

“I think that if it ceases to exist we’ll have better relationships.

“If you look now, there is far more hostility among the different countries of Europe than there has been at any time since the war.”

The comments came in an article dubbed “I love Europe, but the EU has no purpose“, which also made reference to his French residence.


Real issues are being “swept under the carpet” thanks to Brexit and “abstract notions of sovereignty”

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