Labour’s response to Mhairi Black’s attack on Corbyn exposes the SNP’s record in government

Scottish Labour reacted to Mhairi Black’s attacks on Jeremy Corbyn at the SNP Conference with a scathing attack on her record in office and that of her party.

“I am so disappointed with Jeremy Corbyn, so disappointed,” the SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire had told the SNP Conference, warning the Labour Leader: “don’t dare spread fear and utter drivel about an independent Scotland meaning we would suffer turbo austerity.”

“I’m sick to the back teeth of British nationalists perpetuating the myth that Scotland could not afford to thrive in the world as an independent nation,” added the UK’s youngest MP, accusing Labour of not planning to cut austerity as fast as the SNP would and criticising them for wasting money on renewing Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.

Reacting on Mhairi Black’s speech to SNP conference, Scottish Labour MP Danielle Rowley MP said: “Mhairi Black’s anti-austerity posturing would be a bit more credible if she once had spoken out about the £1.5 billion the SNP government had cut from local services across Scotland, or effectively stood up to to plans to downgrade the Children’s Ward at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in her own constituency.”

The MP for Midlothian was referring to Scotland’s flagship children’s hospital forced to close a ward due to a staffing crisis just two years after opening due to staffing shortages.

A damning report released by Scottish Labour to coincide with the SNP’s ten years in power this October revealed a catalogue of NHS failings under the Scottish nationalists. –

Last year’s annual State of the NHS report was the worst since devolution – showing only one out eight key performance indicators was being met. The chair of BMA Scotland has warned that the Scottish NHS workforce is “stretched pretty much to breaking point”. And the NHS was suffering from staff shortages and poor wages, Nicola Sturgeon confronted this year by a nurse who had to turn to a food
bank because of the NHS pay cap.

The Scottish Labour report also revealed “an unacceptable divide between the richest and the poorest Scots,” “spending cuts hurting the poorest,” “an attainment gap in our classrooms”, and a “health service at ‘breaking point.’”

The report pointed out that “the SNP has voted against introducing a 50p top rate of income tax on the highest earners eight times in the Scottish Parliament since 2015”, while under their reign “the number of households in poverty despite at least one adult being employed has increased by 150,000.” It also revealed deteriorating inequality when it comes to Scotland’s health and education outcomes.

Interim Scottish Labour leader Alex Rowley said: “As of October 2017, the SNP government has been in power for a decade. The legacy of that decade is one of division.

“Not just on the question of independence but an unacceptable divide between the richest and the poorest Scots.

“The SNP has made decisions in government which have divided Scotland between the rich and the poor in key areas such as tax, health and education.”

Mhairi Blacks’s vitriolic Glasgow SNP conference attack on Jeremy Corbyn may be a response to a post-conference opinion poll surge putting Labour five points ahead around the UK, as well as growing criticisms of the SNP’s record after ten years in power.


Mhairi Black had also attacked the Labour Leader for questioning the economic consequences of Scottish Independence.

Why would Westminster genuinely want to keep us if we were a financial burden?” asked the 23 year old MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire, “I’m sick to the back teeth of British nationalists perpetuating the myth that Scotland could not afford to thrive in the world as an independent nation.”

“What this embarrassing rant reveals is that the SNP has no response to the growing number of people who see that radical change is possible within the UK with a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn,” insisted Scottish Labour MP Danielle Rowley MP this afternoon.


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8 Responses

  1. Stewart Dredge

    Is this article a joke?

    Only two years ago, in 2015, all but 5 Labour MPs voted for Austerity, in the shape of the Charter for Budget Responsibility, along with the Tories and against the SNP’s MPs. The biggest threat to all public services in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland is Westminster Austerity.

    Currently the NHS in Scotland outperforms those of England and Wales. Already in 2017 we have seen crisis after crisis in hospitals south of the border with patient safety black alerts, massive A&E waiting times, long-term cancellations of non-emergency surgeries across the board. Oh and something about junior doctors being overworked and abused by their bosses which, by the way, is not replicated in Scotland!

    NHS Scotland patient satisfaction is at its highest level on record. Patient satisfaction continues to increase with 90 per cent of NHS Scotland patients rating their care and treatment as good or excellent.

    The number of nurses, doctors and dentists working in Scotland’s NHS has increased, with staffing at record high levels. 1,000 new paramedics will be trained over the next five years.

    Scotland’s A&E performance has been the best in the UK for 27 months. Its core accident and emergency performance has remained better than elsewhere in the UK for the last 26 months of published data, from March 2015 to April 2017.

    Scotland has the highest number of GPs per head of the population in the UK, and the SNP has created 100 new GP training posts per year. A proportion of the new training places will also come with an incentive to take up posts in hard to fill locations, such as remote and rural areas.

    We have free prescriptions – introduced by the SNP government – saving people with chronic conditions over £100 a year.

    Pay rises for NHS staff have been delivered. A nurse in Scotland, at Band 5, is paid between £225 and £309 more than their English counterparts.

    The SNP has invested an extra half a billion pounds into primary care, including GP services and health centres. Over this parliament, it will increase health spending by almost £2 billion. At a time of Westminster austerity, Scotland will increase spending on primary care services to 11 per cent of the frontline NHS budget.

    In the last ten years cancer mortality fell by 11 per cent. The new Cancer Strategy is backed up by £100 million in funding.

    Scotland was the first country in the world to implement a national patient safety programme, and hospital safety continues to improve. Between January to March 2014 and January to March 2017, hospital mortality fell by 8.4 per cent.

    Scotland is transforming mental health services. It was the first country in the UK to have a mental health waiting times target. Spending on mental health services in Scotland will break the £1 billion mark for the first time this year.

    Scotland has been ranked in the top ten countries in Europe for palliative care. New research from the University of Glasgow shows that across a number of end of life services, Scotland is in the top ten across the EU. The SNP’s Strategic Framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care is geared towards continued improvement.

    Access to IVF in Scotland is the best in the UK.

    I could go on….and on but criticising the NHS in Tory England and Labour Wales is not exactly difficult. The NHS has suffered from under-investment by both Labour and Tory governments at Westminster over the last 40 years and more. THAT is why our health services are in crisis and we in Scotland will take no lectures from phoney socialists who don’t even have the courage to save £200bn by proposing the cancellation if Trident replacement!

    1. Marc Willems

      Lot of fiction there. Waiting lists for cancer patients in Scotland are a disgrace compared to the rest of the UK. There are wards in hospitals being closed down due to shortages in staff because The SNP’s record is appalling with regard to recruitment and training of nurses and doctors. You can’t continue to blame the health of fully devolved powers on Westminster austerity. Under The SNP they have managed to produce a deficit that is as big as the GDP of Greece. Economically they are a disgrace but they don’t really care because they are a one mission party and they need to get on with the day job. I see you didn’t answer the point re Black’s lack of protest against the SNP’s local council funding cuts, yes cuts, yes Austerity. My my it does look like The SNP are getting scared of the Corbyn movement. Interesting to watch.

    2. Earth Citizen

      Agree with you on the Trident white elephant.

      It could be cancelled and the money diverted to the NHS, education and welfare.

  2. Ron Birrell

    And the SNP Scottish Government is not complicit in selling off the NHS, unlike your friend Jeremy.
    The Labour Party in Scotland has nothing to say. The only policy they had in the General Election was ‘no independence’ and the then leader, Kezia Dugdale, was on record urging people to vote Tory, in order to try (fortunately unsuccessfukky) to defeat the SNP.
    Why are you quoting Tory supporting Labour hacks?

  3. William Nixon

    Im sick to the Back teeth of Whitehall jingoism. N that`s all Labour have to offer. Pure UK jingoism n BULLS it. Labour sided with the toy party. That is a fact. N Were Scotland is concerned Labour still is with the Tory party. N why Scotland has turned its back on Scottish Labour. Labour favours the UK plc over the People, n why they say any nationalism is bad except britnationalism.. N while the HAVE LORDS in a socialist movement I`ll never believe a word the so called socialist party has to say. Labour is a parody of a once noble movement. But its Hijacked by careerist polips. Who have nothing but themselves n their gravy trains interests in mind.. Labour betrayed the working class. Still are. JC is a paid employee of UK plc. .N THAT PLC. is impoverishing us all. DISSOLVE TH UNION/UKPLC.. home rule. N if You still want Jeremy. Elect him. Cause He in not wanted anywhere else but England. But the other 3 nations get what England want. Right Very democratic.NOT. Home rule. home rule home rule. decentaralise Westminster, n London Power. we will all be better off with a corporation that only benefits the Elitist shareholder n their puppet polips. .THE PLC IS TOO EXPENSIVE . ITS DRAINING THE ECONOMY FASTER THAN EVEN OIL CAN REPLACE IT. nothing but the dissolvment of this FAILED UK plc will save these four nations. DISSOLVE UK PLC.

  4. William Nixon

    Fewer n Fewer TRUST anything Westminster. The Record of the Parties there in Speak for its self. N not Even the Labour Messiah is gonna save it. Its proven TORY OWNED AND CORRUPT TO THE CORE. N Claiming the man with the least Sh-t on him should clean up the lav???? . IS A JOKE. Can`t trust UK plc.. With anything REGARDLESS OF WHO CLAIMS TO BE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT. Westminster is proven NOT to be democratic. However hard you play your roll. UK is a lie. N so are all the players. ENOUGH OF THIS SHAM. Home rule Dissolve THE UK plc.

  5. William Nixon

    One more point . It isnt how Labour responed to Miss Black. It is how Labour responed to THE PEOPLE OF THESE FOUR NATIONS. N that is were JC.N HIS PRETENDY GOVERNMENT IN WAITING Fall`s down. They only Know how to respond as the corporation n with the corporate interests are at risk. Labour gives not a damn about anything else other than the PLC. That`s what they are paid for

  6. Alan Fresco

    Yes it really is remarkable that the SNP’s pseudo socialist has the nerve to criticise Labour when her own party have merely acted as a conduit for tory cuts.

    Anyway, judging by the hysterical response of the cybernats they know they’re in trouble with the Scottish people. They’re starting to see through them.

    Talk left, act tory.

    On yersel Mary Doll!

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