Labour odds-on favourites for 2018 general election

Labour are now odds on to triumph at the next general election, with 2018 also the frontrunner to be the year that Britain next goes to the polls.

The Tories were plunged into chaos this week following the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson.

The resignations come on the back of Theresa May’s Brexit strategy which has divided the cabinet and makes the possibility of another snap election more likely.

Betway’s Alan Alger said: “They’re fleeing Cabinet like rats from a sinking ship and Theresa May is now just 1/3 to have her leadership challenged this year.

“Boris Johnson and David Davis’ departures demonstrate the instability at the very top of this government. We think there could be an election just around the corner and, with such big question marks over the unity of the Conservatives, Labour head into that as 5/6 favourites.

“It’s now just 2/1 for the UK to head to the polls before the year’s out and Sajid Javid is being backed to spearhead a leadership challenge at just 7/2.”

 Next General Election – Most Seats:

Labour 5/6
Conservatives 1/1
Liberal Democrat 100/1
UKIP 500/1
Green 2000/1

Next General Election – Year:

2018 2/1
2019 5/2
2020 10/1
2021 8/1
2022 or later 9/4

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  1. Robert Curie

    No chance now we/labour have have decided to stay in the SM and CU. Labour does not understand nor care now about its working people who understand Brexit and voted for it. Labour are only interested in a political theory and power rather than democracy and delivering what its core vote voted for. When we joined th CM in 1973 unemployment stood at 3% 5 years later it was over 10% long before Thatcher came to power. The Unions at least understood that and exactly how all these jobs went to the continent.They can be recovered. Most jobs in the UK are in small companies and businesses that do not export at all yet they were the ones who went out of business then and could return now. Firms like Airbus etc are predominantly foreign owned and view workers as units.

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