Krankies prank on Donald Trump goes viral

A prank tweet to Donald Trump has gone viral after it caused outrage amongst American Republicans.

The old photo shows “Wee Jimmy Krankie” sporting a Make America Great Again cap with a plea to get the school to overturn a decision to remove the hat.

The tweet by Bri Spong Un says Jimmy is a “huge fan and a retweet might make the school let him wear his cap”.

Although Trump has yet to retweet the photo it has caused outrage among Republicans in America, with one saying the president should “stand up for this wee burn from the land of your ancestors”.

Another from Mr Born in the USA reads: “Let this kid wear his cap! Why is the phrase “Make America Great Again” a bad thing? You guys should support our president more! You Liberals are still mad that @HillaryClinton lost for the third time? Get over with it! Now is time to support our country and our president!”

The Krankies are a husband and wife comedy duo that rose to fame in the 1970s with Janette, who is 4ft 5in, taking advantage of her height to portray Wee Jimmy Krankie.

The pair forged a successful career in music, TV and pantomime.

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