King’s College Withdraws Speaking Invitation To Boris Johnson Following Obama Remarks

King’s College London has withdrawn a speaking invitation offered to Boris Johnson followed remarks about Barack Obama’s heritage.

The London Mayor hit out at Obama after the US President made a trip to the UK to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. Johnson said “part-Kenyan” Obama might have an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire” which prompted him to back the Remain campaign, which will compete with Vote Leave in June.

In his Sun column he suggested Obama purposefully removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office in 2009 because the war-time leader was a symbol of the British Empire which ruled over Kenya until  1963.

A statement released by King’s College London highlighted a general tone of disrespect for the President, which forced its hand on making a decision over to allow the Mayor to speak.

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  1. Geoffrey Griffiths

    If a black man says that a white man is prejudiced against him everyone rightly comes to his aid.
    However if a white man says that a black man is prejudiced against him, the world and Chuka Umunna cry foul.
    How perverse.

    Geoff Griffiths

    1. Mandy Baldwin

      I wasn’t aware that it was offensive to say that a Kenyan was a Kenyan. I have cousins who were born in Kenya – I must advise the to sue every time someone mentions it.

  2. Poor Boris must be utterly devastated that a bunch of long-haired, smelly lefty students living in a Mickey Mouse wonderland don’t want to listen to him speak!

    Have these tiny-minded idiots never heard of the concept of freedom of speech? If they can’t bear the thought of being made to listen to the views of someone they might not agree with, however are they going to survive when they leave the hothouse of university politics and get out into the real world? Pathetic, politically correct garbage!

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