KCTMO warn residents in flats opposite Grenfell about “anti-social behaviour”

Tenant management organisation KCTMO has sent letters to residents in the flats opposite Grenfell Towers warning them about anti-social behaviour.

The letter threatens legal action over misdemeanours such as ball games just days after the neighbouring tower, which they also manage, burnt down.

Residents living in Grenfell had previously accused their landlords of been “evil, unprincipled” and like a “mini-mafia”.

The letter warns that signs regarding no ball games are being ignored, and that children are not allowed to play ball games in the area.

It reads: “Plants and wooden structures are being damaged and these costs will be passed onto whoever is identified as being responsible”.

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  1. TerryinDorset

    It’s par for the course, surely ? They penny-pinch with the result a tower block of 120 families bursts in flames, so frighteneing children doesn’t count. BUT the kids should watch out for landmines, etc……….just to be on the safe side.

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