Katie Hopkins reported for racial hatred following this response to Pittsburgh synagogue attack

Katie Hopkins has been reported for racial hatred after she blamed the chief rabbi for the horrendous synagogue attacks in Pittsburgh.

The far-right political personality, who is currently working for Canadian media website The Rebel Media, said rabbi David Lau’s “support for mass migration across the Med” is to blame for the shooting which left 11 people dead.

In a tweet she wrote: “Watching the pin-the-blame on the donkey after Pittsburgh Synagogue. Gab. Trump. White Supremcists. The Media. Muslims. Look to the Chief Rabbi and his support for mass migration across the Med. There you will find your truths.”

The tweet has been widely condemned, with a number of people reporting her to Twitter for racial hatred.

Observer writer Jay Rayner encouraged people to “report this tweet to Twitter by the thousand”, with others likening her stance to Nazi ideology.


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