‘Jumping off a cliff never has a happy ending’ – Major calls for Government to suspend Brexit

Sir John Major, former PM, has again waded into the Brexit debate. He said that revoking Article 50 is ‘the only sensible course,” and hopes the public will be allowed to vote again on the final deal.

Major believes that a new referendum would be the ‘the definitive decision’ on whether the UK leaves the EU.

Major told the Sunday Times that the benefits of a no-deal exit were “close to zero”, adding: “Every single household – rich or poor – would be worse off for many years to come. Jumping off a cliff never has a happy ending.

“In the midst of chaos it is always sensible to pause and think. The only sensible course now is for the government to revoke article 50 and suspend any decision on departure.

“This may be politically uncomfortable but any short term political disruption pales into insignificance when compared with the potential long-term damage that could be wreaked on our country as a whole.

“The choice between ‘no deal’ or ‘bad deal’ was never one that our country should have to accept.”

He also has some stern words for Brexiteers who won’t accept a new vote. Major said it was “nonsense” to suggest that another referendum would be betray the UK public.

Major said: “What nonsense they speak – yet another pithy slogan from those who fear that the victory they obtained two years ago, but such dubious tactics, is slipping from their grasp. How can asking the people to make a decision based on facts ever be a betrayal of democracy? Facts that, as each month passes further disprove the fantasies that were once so shamefully peddled.”

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