Jon Trickett: Why was it apparent to everyone but the government that Carillion was in trouble? 

The Conservatives missed multiple warnings that Carrillion was in trouble and continued to award them publicly-funded contracts despite there being clear signs that things had gone awry, Jon Trickett said today in parliament.

In an emergency statement on the collapse of Carillion the Labour MP quested why the government had missed three separate profit warnings and several resignations from CEOs.

If they did indeed not know about the perilous situation, then “why did the government leave the position of Crown Representative observing Carrillion vacant for three months,” he asked, continuing:

“And can they explain how £3bn of tax payers money was rewarded in spite of all the information which has clearly been in the public domain.

“I myself have been asking questions in this house for over three months about Carrillion.

“Why was it apparent to everyone except the government that Carrillion was in trouble?”

Trickett goes on to question whether Carillion is the first in a series of dominoes that will fall one after another.

He said: “This isn’t just the failure of a company, it is the failure of the whole system of privatising our public services.

“Wouldn’t the simplest & most effective way be to bring these contracts back into the Public sector?”

“The Tory Party had too cosy a relationship with the Carillion Chair – Chumocracy.”


Watch the full scathing clip below:

Emergency Statement: Carillion PLC

Emergency Statement: Carillion PLC

Posted by Parliament Today UK on Monday, 15 January 2018



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