John Mann and Dennis Skinner back Brexit

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Two of the most outspoken MPs in the Commons have broke ranks with the party line and are backing Brexit.

They become the ninth and tenth Labour Members of Parliament who are going to vote out on June 23.

It is feared that working class traditional Labour voters might vote Out and swing the balance of the referendum, and with these figures backing Brexit, it could encourage core Labour voters to do the same.

However, more than 200 Labour members have declared their support to remain part of the European project.

Mann told The Sun: “ Labour MPs say they don’t want to campaign to leave because they don’t want to be on the same side as Nigel Farage and John Redwood.

“But this is about each family in Britain. It’s about you. It’s not about me, Farage or David Cameron.

Mann fears the EU has become broken and that Labour MPs are too scared to talk about immigration into the UK, which he believes Labour supporters are very concerned about.

He recently door-stepped Ken Livingstone over comments he had made about Hitler. Mr Livingstone stood by his comment regardless, but it caused a huge storm in the Labour Party, with various people in the Party losing their jobs due to anti-Semitic comments.

“It’s about what kind of country we want to live in in 20 or 30 years’ time.”

Skinner “the Beast of Bolsover,” made his decision in the Morning Star, the radical left-wing newspaper.

Skinner said: “My opposition from the very beginning has been on the lines that fighting capitalism state-by-state is hard enough. It’s even harder when you’re fighting it on the basis of eight states, 10 states and now 28.

“In the old days they could argue you might get a socialist government in Germany, but there’s not been one for donkeys’ years.

“At one time there was Italy, the Benelux countries, France and Germany, Portugal, Spain and us.

“Now there’s just one in France and it’s hanging on by the skin of its teeth.”

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