Jeremy Hunt tells EU that UK public will blame them if no-deal Brexit happens

When you start a new job it is not always the best idea to wind up your stakeholders with threats.

However after his predecessor, Boris Johnson, thought that was a good idea, Jeremy Hunt has threatened the EU.

On a trip to Berlin, his first trip abroad as Foreign Secretary, he said that citizens on the UK will blame EU for a no-deal Brexit.

Hunt said: “Without a real change in approach from the EU negotiators we do now face a real risk of a no deal by accident, and that would be incredibly challenging economically.

“Britain would find that challenging, but in the end we would find a way not just to survive but to thrive economically. But my real concern is that it would change British public attitudes to Europe for a generation.”

Unlike Boris, Hunt tried to be diplomatic, saying “Germany is not just one of Britain’s best friends in Europe, it’s one of our best friends in the world.” However, you wonder if the warnings over the entire UK hating the EU in a no-deal scenario, will probably be the comments that stick in their minds.

Jeremy Hunt has said the “only person rejoicing” at the failure to secure a Brexit deal would be Vladimir Putin.

Leaving EU with no deal could prompt “civil unrest,” claims Amazon UK boss

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  1. No, we will blame the Tory party for this, not the EU. You, Jeremy Hunt and friends wanted unicorns, not 48% of the nation or the EU The fact that you cannot deliver unicorns was known by anyone with a brain before the vote.

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