Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother Voted Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers has revealed he is a Brexiteer despite his brother campaigning for remaining in the EU.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard he said “I voted to leave. Of course.

“The EU has big problems.”

The Labour party is in disarray following the Brexit vote, with several members of the shadow cabinet resigning in the wake of the vote.

But Mr Corbyn’s brother today remained defiant over Labour’s chances of winning an election under its current left-wing leader.

Asked if he backs his brother, Piers said: “Of course, he is doing extremely well and he will overcome any difficulties. I support him 100 per cent. There have been some monstrous attacks on him.”

Rumours that Jeremy Corbyn voted for Brexit have also emerged after former shadow leader of the Commons Chris Bryant suggested that he may have backed Brexit in the privacy of the ballot box.

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