"Jaw-dropping" £300 billion negative swing in foreign investment flows since Brexit

Robert Peston has described a £300 billion negative swing in foreign investment as “jaw-dropping” after new figures revealed FDI has dropped off a cliff since the Brexit vote.

Global FDI flows reached their lowest level since 2013 in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to OECD figures.

Inflows to the OECD area decreased by 37 per cent, largely driven by decreases in the United Kingdom and the United States from high levels in 2016.

Outflows from the OECD area decreased by a more modest 4 per cent.

In the UK, FDI outward flows went from minus £22 billion in 2016 to £99.7 billion (positive) the following year.

Inward flows dropped from £196 billion to £15 billion over the same period of time, resulting in a more than £300 billion swing.

Theresa May said the record year for FDI in 2016 meant a “vote in confidence” in UK businesses following the Brexit vote.

She has yet to comment on the latest figures.


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  1. tony

    The ‘experts’ at it again, one day in the future they might even get it 10% correct. Momentum has taken over the loony bin as well.

  2. freddie

    but the country still thrives for 2 million foreign workers what other European country creates as much work as England for other Europeans

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