It’s a knockout: Alternative Brexit plans to be tabled if May’s deal gets defeated again

MPs could vote on as many as seven alternatives if Theresa May’s deal gets defeated for the third time in parliament next week.

HuffPost UK has reported that the Prime Minister’s deputy, David Lidington has floated the idea of holding so-called ‘indicative votes’ on a string of Brexit plans under the alternative vote (AV) system.

They could include revoking Article 50, a second referendum or going with a no deal. Other potential options to be tabled are thought to be adopting May’s deal plus a customs union, her deal plus a customs union and single market membership and a free trade agreement.

Lidington’s bid to break the parliamentary logjam would see the traditional Commons voting system would be replaced by a series of ‘run-offs’ to find the one solution which commands most support.

The least popular option would be eliminated and a fresh vote held on those remaining, until a single solution is arrived at.

Many political parties use such multi-round votes for their own internal elections.

Brexit Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said it would be “surprising” if the PM did not allow Tories free votes in any such system.

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