Investors’ investment decisions negatively affected by Government’s Brexit failings

As David Davis urges ministers to rebel against the Government’s Brexit deal in a defining week of the negotiations with the EU, IW Capital reveals investor sentiment towards the leaving process with less than six months to go until the UK leaves the European Union.

Key stats include:

  • Three in ten – 8.7 million – said that securing a good deal with the EU was crucial to them continuing to invest into UK SMEs.
  • 12.6 million – 43% – feel that the Government’s actions now affect their investment decisions more now than ever.
  • Three in ten – 8.7 million – said that while Brexit in itself had not affected their investment decisions, the Government’s handling of the negotiations did negatively affect their investment decisions.
  • Over a third (36%) of British investors believe that the UK will be a wealthier country, boosting their investment profile, post-Brexit.

The research has also revealed that three in ten said that securing a good deal with the EU was crucial to them continuing to invest into UK SMEs. Eight million UK investors, 27% of respondents, said that the non-EU trade deals were more important to their investment intentions than the EU trade deal. A quarter of respondents said that they believe that Brexit will encourage them to invest more in UK SMEs. Five million investors across the country now actively seek an SME’s Brexit strategy before making an investment decision.

Luke Davis, CEO, and Founder of IW Capital has responded to the research. “This week will be crucial in the UK leaving the European Union and agreeing what the arrangements will be after March 2019. The Government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations appears to be more of a stumbling block for investors than leaving the EU itself. However, the sentiment is still largely positive, with millions of investors optimistic about opportunities after Brexit.

With less than six months to go until we officially leave, the weight of responsibility falls on politicians on both sides of the channel to ensure that SMEs in the UK are supported through this potentially turbulent time. For these companies, a definitive Brexit strategy will help their cause for investment and growth post-Brexit, and for investors, maintaining confidence in a buoyant entrepreneurial economy is vital for these businesses and the wider economy.”


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