Increasing number of British people back tax and spending on public services

The Conservative Party assumes that people want lower taxes and the rolling back of the public sector, and under Thatcher that approach worked and kept the party in power for a long period of time.

However, it appears that the British people are increasingly in favour of the opposite and welcome an increase in taxes and Govt spending, according to a new study.

The research found that almost half of people in the British Isles want the Government to raise taxes and increase public spending, in line with the Scandinavian model of social democracy.

The 48 per cent who backed tax increases is the highest proportion to believe in these measures since 2004, said the British Social Attitudes report.

Just 4% said they wanted to see taxes and spending on health, education and welfare cut, while 44% said the levels should remain the same.

Additionally 53% said that the Government should be able to detain people without trial for “as long as they want” in times of terrorist attack, although that figure is down from 64% 10 years ago

The change in public attitudes, highlighted in the report, will be welcomed by Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, as it fits into their left-wing agenda.

Roger Harding, head of public attitudes at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) said: “People’s tolerance for austerity is drying up, even if that means higher taxes.

“This leftwards tilt on tax and spend is matched by a long-running conservatism on national security and law and order. In all, people want a more active state that’s firm but fairer.”


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